Faster & better locate management

Automate your 811 tickets and responses so you can save time, money and prevent disaster at your sites. We’ve processed over 300,000 locates to date!

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City of Ottawa, Forestry Division Envision Landscaping SafeBore Inc.,

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A better workflow

Here's how it works

EasyLocates makes tracking all your 811 tickets simple and fast.

Create an 811 dig ticket per usual
Use your assigned EasyLocates email address as the contact email. We'll provide this to you when you setup your account.
Quickly process locate updates
Login to EasyLocates and process new locate responses from utility companies in seconds. Responses are filtered and organized on your dashboard, highlighting action items and upcoming expirations.
One-click jobsite packages
Jobsite packages have all the information and utility responses associated with each locate. Email or print these for your crews.
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Streamline your locate management

All-in-one platform

Minimize the time you spend updating locate statuses. Identify high-priority locates with ease. See what's late and know when you're ready to dig!

Integration with your local 811 call centers
We provide support for all of the US and Canada.
No data entry
Relevant information is available automatically after you submit your locate request.
Track important dates
Know when locates are expiring, late, and valid compared to your dig window.
Quickly search for locates
All locate information is searchable and filterable.
Multi-user support teams
Automatically assigns a person to a locate, keeping your team organized.
One-click crew package
That's right, one click. We compile all the on-site documents; all you have to do is click print.
Review process
You'll have an opportunity to double check and verify every locate message for accuracy.
Import private locate documents
Sometimes you'll get a handwritten locate through fax, that's fine, you can upload it.


See what people are saying

“I can't remember how we worked without EasyLocates. It's integral to our everyday job. Going backwards would be unbelievable.”

Becky Bergeron
Forestry Division | City of Ottawa

"EasyLocates has enabled us to track, coordinate and archive our locates on one platform. The system is user friendly, cost effective and a very efficient tool. I highly recommend EasyLocates."

Todd Desjardins
Owner | SafeBore Inc.

"I used to print everything out and track everything manually...EasyLocates takes 90% of the work out of locate management and saves us about 25 hours per week."

Candida Moniz
Brantco Construction

"EasyLocates allows systematic tracking to stay on top and on time of locates. This completely takes the headache out of doing locates."

Wyatt Carey
PM | Royal Fence Limited

"EasyLocates has been a game changer because it automates and organizes all my locates. I used to do all the locate management manually, using spreadsheets and checklists, manually filing things away and scanning job packages to send out. We’re now safer and more efficient. It has saved me at least 10 hours per week."

Colleen Milligan
PM | In4Structure LTD

"...I can print a complete jobsite package with all of the right locate documents in one shot after all approvals are received..."

Tyler VanderLaan
Landscape Construction Operations & Sales | Envision Landscapes


Pricing plans to fit your needs

No matter your team's size or needs, we have a plan that works for you. Type in the number of locates you expect to do in a year and we'll take care of the math


All of the essentials to manage your locates.

$1,500 USD / year

  • Includes 500 locates / year
  • Integration with one 811 center
  • Jobsite Package Exports
  • Archived locates available for 1 year only
  • Unlimited Users
  • 72-hour support response time *
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Most popular

For customers with hundreds of locates per month looking for more features.

$4,000 USD / year

  • Includes 2,000 locates / year
  • Everything in Basic, plus...
  • Automated Project Management
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Daily Digest Emails
  • Archived locates available for 2 years
  • 48-hour support response time *
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High Volume Custom Pricing

  • Everything in Pro, plus...
  • Unlimited number of locates
  • Unlimited 811 center integrations
  • Custom Utilities
  • Support for multiple departments and offices
  • Archived Search...forever
  • 24-hour support response time *
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$4 / Locate Pay-As-You-Go Option

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay?

All payments are paid online via credit card or bank transfer, billed annually for basic & pro or monthly for pay-as-you-go. No credit card is required and your first 3 locates are free.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, you can reach us during normal business hours, 9 AM - 5 PM ET, Monday to Friday.

Is there training available?

We offer training via webinar, but if more help is required we're happy to help!

Do you integrate directly with 1-call centers?

Yes, we have direct integrations with local 1-call centers but you are still required to input a locate ticket through their systems online, the only difference is you will use your EasyLocates assigned email address for the contact email. You will still get emails to your normal email address regarding that locate.

How many customers use EasyLocates?

We have over 60 customers including municipalities and construction-related companies, including customers like the Region of Peel, City of Barrie and The Forestry Division of Ottawa, among others. We have processed well over 300,000 locates to date.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a risk-free trial period, no payment information required! Your first three locates are free and available for the duratin of your respective project. Upon submitting your fourth locate, we will ask you to provide a method of payment and select your preferred plan. Try it out today!

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Rosanna from Laurent LeBlanc

One of my favorite things about EasyLocates is getting to know our customers. In an effort to share industry knowledge and experience we thought it would be fun if our inaugural blog post was dedicated to getting to know one of our amazing customers.

Rosanna Sabourin

Locate Coordinator

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