Streamline your locates.

Discover how easy it is to manage your locate process with clever technology, and direct integration with ON-1-Call.

EasyLocates takes the hassle out of managing locates.

We do this through a direct connection to the ON-1-Call website. When you request a new locate, all of the important information like locate status, expiry dates, and documents, are neatly tracked.
157,229 locates processed

All locate details stored in one place

As soon as you submit a new locate request on the ON-1-Call website, EasyLocates automatically sorts and organizes all the documents for that job.

Don't waste time searching old emails

EasyLocates keeps track of the status of every locate. It warns you when locates are late, and expiring so you can prioritize where to spend your attention.

Print crew packages in one click.

You won't need to do anything except click print to produce a jobsite package with all of the valid locates you're required to have onsite.

Here's how it works

It all begins with a connection to ON-1-Call.

Managing locate emails, documents, and dates no longer has to be a time-concusing task. EasyLocates automates the process by connecting to your ON-1-Call account. Don't worry, there's no set up involved. We use state of the art technology to identify specific emails. As soon as you put in a request for a new locate on the ON-1-Call website, your administrative duties are done, because from here on out EasyLocates takes over the work of organizing each request.

Figuring out which locates are late or expiring can be a nightmare.

Even with sophisticated spreadsheets, and thoughtful file folder processes, it's not very easy to track the important locate dates you need to remember for each jobsite. That's because the process is never straightforward. Some locates are cleared automatically, others take weeks, and some seem to take forever. With EasyLocates you don't need to waste your time thinking about who needs a reminder phone call.

Watch the video on late locates

Crew documents curated in an instant, they'll save some time.

Trying to sort through old emails is not very fun, especially when you somehow have to combine the attachments from those emails into one easily printable document. That's the beauty of EasyLocates. We automatically curate all of the locate documents for each jobsite. All you have to do is remeber to click print, or email, when your crews start digging.

Import private locates, or amended requests.

You have flexibility to handle those weird situations, like having to request privates locates, or when you get a hand written locate through your fax.

For project managers, office administrators, and anyone else.

The software is designed for teams. This means that locates are automatically assigned to the correct person.

We handle multiple jobsites for one project.

Sometimes you'll have a project with multiple addresses. EasyLocates is smart enough to figure this out, and track documents accordingly.



What do clients like most about EasyLocates?

“EasyLocates is absolutely amazing! The ability to email and download jobsite packages saves me so much time and headaches.”

Becky Bergeron
City of Ottawa, Forestry Department

“EasyLocates has made requesting, tracking, and delivering locates to site SO SIMPLE! It's super easy to use and saves hours of time that would otherwise be spent manually tracking and organizing locates!”

Colleen Milligan - Coordinator
In4Structure Ltd.

“EasyLocates allows systematic tracking to stay on top and on time of locates. This completely takes the headache out of doing locates.”

Wyatt Carey – Project Manager
Royal Fence Limited

“EasyLocates has enabled us to track, coordinate and archive our locates on one platform. The system is user friendly, cost effective and a very efficient tool. I highly recommend EasyLocates.”

Todd Desjardins - Owner
SafeBore Inc.

“EasyLocates has helped so much. You guys are awesome for developing this!”

Candida Moniz – Administrative assistant
Brantco Construction

“EasyLocates has been a greet tool for us because I can print a complete jobsite package with all of the right locate documents in one shot after all approvals are received. I used to have to print every locate attachment as the e-mail arrived and keep it in a file folder. It's also helpful that late locates are in red to note when follow-up is required.”

Tyler VanderLaan – Landscape Construction Operations & Sales
Envision Landscapes


We've kept our pricing pretty straightforward. You only pay for additional users, all of the features and support is totally included.
We will even do training with your team free of charge.

Single user: $950/year

Two users: $1500/year
Three users: $2000/year
Four users: $2450/year
Five users: $2850/year
More than five: Call us for custom pricing 905.515.1793

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What's included?

Integration with ON-1-Call
Set up is free and only takes us a minute. This connects your software to ON-1-Call
No data entry
All of your locate requests information gets atumatically pulled into EasyLocates
Track locate dates
Know when locates are expiring, late, and valid compared to your dig window.
Quickly sort your locates
Just click the appropritate heading to drill down to the locates that need your attention.
Multi log-ins for teams
EasyLocates automtically assigns a person to a locate, keeping your team organized.
Multiple jobsites on one project
The software quick scans locate documents and can match multie job sites to one project.
One-click crew package
That's right, one click. We compile all of the onsite documents, all you have to do is click print.
Review process
For every locate requests you'll have an opportunity to double check and verify for accuracy.
Import private locate documents
Someone times you'll get annoying hand written locate through fax, that's fine, you can upload it.

Common Questions

How do I pay?

We accept PO/cheque or credit card over the phone. It's important that we speak with you to connect your account with ON-1-Call. We may automate this in the future.

What happens if I add users during the year?

Don't worry, we will do all of the math and only charge you for the months those people are using. For example, if you sign up for a single user for $950 in January and want to add a second user in April, we will charge you $320 for the second user, and it will come due at the same time as the first (in this case, end of December).

Is there any technical support?

Of course, technical support is included with the membership. You can call or email us during normal business hours between Monday and Friday.

Is there training available?

Indeed. We have both in-house and online options. All basic start up training options conducted online are free. Let us know if you're a member of a professional association, and we will see if in-house training for your staff is also free.

About Us

EasyLocates is developed and supported by Webility Solutions in Hamilton, ON. We have been designing and deploying software solutions for construction and landscape companies for many years. We're all about pushing the envelope when it comes to technology so that the businesses we work with can stay ahead of the curve.