Here's how it works

It all begins with a connection to ON-1-Call.

Managing locate emails, documents, and dates no longer has to be a time-concusing task. EasyLocates automates the process by connecting to your ON-1-Call account. Don't worry, there's no set up involved. We use state of the art technology to identify specific emails. As soon as you put in a request for a new locate on the ON-1-Call website, your administrative duties are done, because from here on out EasyLocates takes over the work of organizing each request.

Figuring out which locates are late or expiring can be a nightmare.

Even with sophisticated spreadsheets, and thoughtful file folder processes, it's not very easy to track the important locate dates you need to remember for each jobsite. That's because the process is never straightforward. Some locates are cleared automatically, others take weeks, and some seem to take forever. With EasyLocates you don't need to waste your time thinking about who needs a reminder phone call.

Crew documents curated in an instant, they'll save some time.

Trying to sort through old emails is not very fun, especially when you somehow have to combine the attachments from those emails into one easily printable document. That's the beauty of EasyLocates. We automatically curate all of the locate documents for each jobsite. All you have to do is remeber to click print, or email, when your crews start digging.

Import private locates, or amended requests.

You have flexibility to handle those weird situations, like having to request privates locates, or when you get a hand written locate through your fax.

For project managers, office administrators, and anyone else.

The software is designed for teams. This means that locates are automatically assigned to the correct person.

We handle multiple jobsites for one project.

Sometimes you'll have a project with multiple addresses. EasyLocates is smart enough to figure this out, and track documents accordingly.

About Us

EasyLocates is developed and supported by Webility Solutions in Hamilton, ON. We have been designing and deploying software solutions for construction and landscape companies for many years. We're all about pushing the envelope when it comes to technology so that the businesses we work with can stay ahead of the curve.

Our customers include these fine companies